Chun Wong, Finance Broker. MFAA approved Credit Adviser

Welcome to
CW Loan Partners

Our company is Caifu Global Pty Ltd and we are online with our trade name as CW Loan Partners.
We are an MFAA Accredited Finance Broker, more than assisting in mortgage lending as a mortgage broker for home loans, we also complete lending for commercial investments, SMSF and new car loans. We areĀ  regulated by ASIC under the NCCP Act.


The 6 Step Process

  1. We will need to arrange a meeting.
  2. With your information provided, we can discuss your needs and if happy to proceed, then lender options and settle on a lender that you are happy to utilise for your loan.
  3. We will then need your information and we will work on your loan submission.
  4. When your loan submission is ready, you receive from me the application requiring your signatures and I submit the loan to your chosen lender.
  5. You are informed of the loan submission and I inform you of any lender clarifications or additional information that the lender may request.
  6. Where your loan is approved, congratulations are in order at this point, as you are now financed for purchasing your home, or investment. We will continue to follow through with you until settlement.

Why Choose A Finance Broker

Mortgage brokers play a vital role in the home loan market. We are experts in the loan process and will help you secure a loan for a home, investment or other commercial purpose.

Mortgage brokers provide an efficient and cost-effective service, assisting you in researching, organizing and negotiating a loan that will best suit your lifestyle and financial situation. We will not only help you discover the most competitive loan for your needs, but guide you through every step of your loan application. Overall, we aspire to help you save money, figure out a suitable loan structure and secure you the best deal.